AnAlog AV Art fAbrik


AnAlog AV Art fAbrik is an interactive audio/visual installation by AVAF which won the first price of International Lanxess Composition Competition Acht Brücken Festival 2014.

We created an all analogue audio/visual art production place where the audience has to work at different machines to create art:

1) riding the bike to produce electricity and run video signals

2) playing with tape heads on a huge magnetic tape to  create music

3) working with video mixers to manipulate the signal routing of 5 video channels


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Analog AV Art Fabrik

To run this factory we need your participation!

1) The bicycle is the impulse generator 

By riding the bike you generate electricity with dynamos to operate the tape band and the signal for camera 1. Keeping a stable pulse with the bicycle produces a continuous signal to feed the factory.

2) The tape construction line is the sound generator 

Grab one of the four tape tools and put them slightly over the tape construction line to create sound. You can use simultaneously all 4 tape tools that hang under the table.

3) The video mixer controls the visual projection 

On the video table there are two video mixers that control the data flow of the 5 video cameras in the room. Just turn the knobs of the mixers to tweak the image of the television and main projector.

On this table, there is also the possibility to connect your own mp3 player, phone or similar device with the audio input cable to add your personal sound to the artwork.

After working at AnAlog AV Art fAbrik you can print a work certification with the printer available at the side of the projection tower.